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Mmm, such a good girl.

I've been very productive today. ^_^ I cleaned up my room, and did laundry, and I've organized everything for the distro so that all I have to do is write descriptions and I can have them up in the catalog tomorrow. I even managed to watch the first DVD of the Utena Black Rose Saga. And the frightening thing is I enjoyed all of it...I think it's been the first time since the middle of September that I've been home, by myself, to putter about and clean without interference or distraction.

Now for my fans - swimsuit previews.

After I get my next paycheck I'm going to send the negatives for these shots to get the ZED cards printed. After THAT'S done (I have no idea how long that'll take) I'll go to a developer and get 4x6 shots made of each one, so that I'll have bigger pictures to build a portfolio from. ^_^

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