Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

But he looked so cute just standin' there...

Wow, I feel like such a hooker. And a stalker. I'm a hooker stalker. Why on earth do you people have anything to do with me?

First, the hooker. Work was really good this morning. I nearly fell asleep hiding behind the counter. ^^; Jose the Decorator didn't come in because he takes Mondays off, and Jose the Baker took off as soon as he could because his father was having surgery or something like that. So I was alone, which always improves my day instantly because I don't have to deal with anybody looking over my shoulder, so I can set my butt down on a chair and hide in the back room.
So I'm sitting there deciding I hate my skin (I do this whenever I'm alone in front of a mirror, BTW) when Adrian comes in. He's a regular and he used to come in every morning; then they shifted his schedule or something because he's only been coming in once a week or so lately. But yeah, so we talk whenever he comes in, and today we were talking about Oakridge's new expansion while he ordered his cookies and dumped the contents of the change pocket into the tip cup (wheeee! ^_^ mostly quarters too!) and then he asked if had any plans later in the week, and when I saw "Naw" he asked me to go see a movie. Whee! Oakridge movie! 'Course, there aren't any movies I particularly want to see, except Underworld (I don't care if it's bad!) but I'm seeing that with Boi.
Heh, I don't even know what sort of movie Adrian likes. ^^; It's the first time I've gone on a blind date / almost blind date, because the sadness of my dating life has pretty much been limited to Boi and before him, people I'd been friends with before trying a date.
But yeah, should be fun. Whee.
I actually think he tried to ask me out before, because he used to come in regularly, right? So one morning he came in and we talked a little longer than usual and then he went back to work, la la la. That afternoon (I was working one of my famous all-day Sundays -_-) I got a call on the phone for Sammie, but I assumed it was a phone stalker who had been bugging me the past few months and said "Sammie's not here right now. Can I take a message?" But after I hung up and thought about it, I thought, "Sh*t! That was Adrian on the phone! I hella blew him off! Mwerp!" And then he didn't come in for like a month and he's only just recently started coming regularly again.
Hee. Technically I have no proof that was him, tho', so pretend I said nothing.
Besides, he gives off the same vibes Boi & Dan did at the very beginning of Winter Quarter. So I've been expecting him to ask me out. How could he not? I am damn hot, after all. (But I'm barely lukewarm at six in the morning, so I'm wondering about his taste in chicks. o_O)
I'm acting silly now, but I can't help it. He seems like a really fun guy. Wheeeeeee.

Now stalker. After I drove home I thought, "Hmm. I just agreed to go on a date with a guy I don't really know. Hmmm. He's probably not an evil bastard, because I think I would've noticed that, but is there a way to be sure?" So I googled him when I got home. >_<;; I only found one thing, but it still makes me feel like a super-stalker. It's a photo of him all ghettofabulousgangsta dressed from 2001. (Yucky! Lucky his face is still cute, but that fashion makes me cringe.) His dressing style has improved muchly now, methinks, although I've technically only seen him in work clothes. Heh. If I show up at the movie theatre and he's dressed all bling-bling, I'm turning around and going home. ^^;

But shyeah. I am minorly obsessive, aren't I?

Now some people are gonna ask how this affects me 'n' Boi. It doesn't. Boi said I don't even have to tell him about little dates like this if I don't want to, because it's not like it's starting a relationship or anything, but more like hanging out. It's just for fun and not 'serious.' But of course I will tell him, because if nothing else he'll read this entry and find out anyway. :-p Seriously, tho', I figured I'd tell him when we talked later tonight. So nobody accuse me of cheating...I'm a good girl, really!

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