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Like, whoa.

So for my English class we made these webpages to describe ourselves, savvy? Then we had to analyze someone else's webpage. The website I ended up creating was basically the same as my livejournal user info page, so check that out if ya wanna see what everyone's talkin' about. Here's what someone said 'bout me:

The Wonder Ball candy is an engaging delight. It comes in a box and is wrapped in a colorful foil. When you take the candy out of the box and peel off the colorful foil, you will find a thin layer of sweet chocolate. Break that chocolate down and you found a mystery surprise. Samantha Houston is like this Wonder Ball candy.

First, like the Wonder Ball’s box container, Samantha is surrounded by a “brick wall.” The “brick wall” is an imaginary barrier that she has created over the years to protect herself from others getting to know the “real her.” This protective layer is the anterior surface of her being. It is a hard surface that is sometimes difficult to penetrate. It is the barrier that represents a shy, quiet person that keeps to herself.

However, the colorful foil represents her artistic being. It is the layer that comes after the brick wall if you are able to pass her act of isolation from others. This layer of her represents a young lady with a loud center stage voice. She is not someone to be ignored. Instead, she is a being that likes to be heard. She has a unique style of her own and carries the image of confidence and individuality. She is a strong minded person that does not allow anyone to tell her that she is wrong because of what she believes in; therefore, she feels that she is always right. Also, she has an inner child that cries out waiting to be needed, which is the softer side of her.

Third, the thin chocolate layer is the sweet side of Samantha that she rarely lets out. Like a male, she feels strong, independent, and pays for her own way. However, there are times when she does feel her true sexuality, being a female. For example, she would spend hours looking for the perfect outfit for a date, crying at the end of a chick-flick. Yet, this is a thin layer of her softer side and her mood can change.

Samantha‘s mood is like the surprise inside the deep layers of a Wonder Ball. The surprise is that with Samantha, you will never know what you will get. Her mood is always changing from day to day. One day she could be the quiet type, the next, a wild child running through the halls looking for some chocolate. You could also say that she has multiple personality because with each day she gets older; she is discovering a little more about herself. With her, it is always different and never the same thing twice. Hence, with her you will never find yourself bored because she will always find a way to entertain you with her layers!

I do not cry at the end of chick flicks, thankyewverramuch. ^_~ It is kinky fun and kind've scary to analyzed.

Apprently, I was popular to discuss 'cuz there's a lot of reviews about me. ^^;

From a Jackie:
While viewing Samantha (Samchan) Houston’s webpage, I noticed that she has a lot to say about herself. With three pictures to the left of the page and a long script to the right, I assumed right away that she must be a fun and unique individual. After reading the page, I started to form my own opinions about who she is and started analyzing her webpage. Through analyzing Samchan Houston’s webpage, I have discovered that she is an energetic, outgoing, and childish individual.
First, Samchan included three pictures of herself on her webpage. The three pictures are of her, posing in different positions in front of a blue background. All three of the pictures are in a vertical filmstrip. In the first two pictures, she is standing with her arms down at her sides in casual poses. In the third picture, she has one arm up in the air and one of her legs is extending out to her side. My interpretation of these pictures is that she is an outgoing person who is not afraid to show others her personality. I also think that the pictures show that she is a fun-loving person who may get bored easily. Second, Samchan’s web page reveals that she is a childish individual, meaning that she may be stubborn, demanding, and selfish. One line on her web page states “I feel alone: when everyone ignores me. What the heck? I’m the star of the show, you can’t ignore me…” This shows that she at times is probably demanding of other’s attention, which is childish behavior because children often demand attention from adults. Another example is her statement that, “I sing until someone shuts me up. I dance until someone gouges there eyes out ^_^.” This shows that she may be stubborn, which is also a child-like quality because children often do things ignorantly without respecting others feelings or opinions.
Overall, through analyzing Samantha Houston’s webpage, I have discovered that she is a very unique person who is not afraid to let others know who she is. She definitely has a fun personality with child-like qualities that are shown through her honest description of herself.

Damn right I'm childish! ^_^ I hear I'm cute, too!

From a Lili:
Samantha Houston’s page seems to be the most different of the other students, which is a reason why I chose it. Samchan’s page is done differently and unique. Some of the things she posted up range from weird (not saying that she is weird) to something really interesting that I would have probably notice but never mentioned such as “why my toenails never break and my fingernails always do.” This indicates that she is an odd person. But to me anything out of the ordinary is cool and captivating, but some people may think it is a little strange because it is unusual and new to them. She doesn’t follow what everyone else is doing; she has her own kind of style to show off. There are many so things she has done to make her webpage stand out from all others and in ways created many images of who she might be.
There are three photos posted up. And each picture, she has a different pose and expression on her face. It seems to be that she’s very expressive. She likes to express how she feels and is open about it. There’s also links to her email, instant messenger, live journal, and her own personal webpage, which I’ve checked out and is pretty appealing. She lets you know her moods whenever she makes an entry; showing again that she likes to be meaningful. Also from her webpage, it appears that she is artistic.
There are several drawings she did, most of them are cartoons, and there’s a section for photos that have not been posted up yet. This might indicate that she could be interested in animation and film as a career later on in life.
Samchan posted up two quotes to her page as well. One of the quotes mentions that she is modest, but wants to fight it, meaning that in ways she has potential and wants to flaunt it. By having all of these things on her webpage in an unusual way, it characterizes her individuality. By the looks of her pictures and this quote “I'm the star of the show, you can't ignore me...” She wants to achieve many things, like being a model, an artist, just someone famous.
She seems to be an all-around achiever that is modest and is pretty content with who she is. Samchan seems to be open to anything and says what’s on her mind and even uses the word “bitch.” The funniest thing she said was “I want: you. ^_^” And “I know: absolutely nothing!” She probably keeps to herself, “I don't: like boys or girls. I don't like anybody,” but if she has to be social she can talk about anything. To me, she seems young at heart and ecstatic. She doesn’t feel uncomfortable about herself. She knows who she is and is proud to reveal it. But most of all, Samchan is an articulate person from images to words.

From a Christina:
“I know: absolutely nothing!” Samantha Houston stated in her WebCT student homepage; however, I believe she is mistaken. The reason why I believe she is incorrect is because at the beginning of each sentence Samchan Houston would use the word “I,” which in reality she does know something. For example, Samchan knows that she is not polite and at time she can be rude. Another instance would be she feels alone when others do not acknowledge her.
Just by these two examples, Samchan shows that she does know something; like what she feels and how she is.
Samchan Houston not only enlightens her classmates about herself; nevertheless, she amuses us. Her style of writing is unique because again she opens up each sentence with the word “I,” which means that this is her or this is how she is take it or leave it. Samchan’s style of writing entertains us; in addition, she gets right to the point in what she likes and dislike or who is she and who she isn’t. Such as, when Samchan hopes that her credit card bill wills mystery pay for itself. Don’t we all wish for that to happen? I believe when Samchan utter that she hopes her credit card bill will pay for itself is a form of entertaining writing because we all know that is not possible; on the other hand, its always pleasant to fantasize that your credit card bill will one day pay itself off no matter how much you spend. Now, we all know that Samchan is sometime a brat because she states in her homepage that as a result for her being little monster (bratty) that God will smite her. This is an example of Samchan advising us or warning us who she really is. Either we accept who she is or we don’t.
The quote by Margaret Chittenden which Samantha posted on her homepage makes me think that maybe Samantha has done many things for people and those people don’t notice it; however, she is now willing to start telling others what she has help them with. The second quote which Samchan has on her homepage is by Margaret Chittenden. Margaret Chittenden simply stating that the mad person hears voices in their heads when others aren’t around as for the writer they vision has what to write for their next line in their novel. As well both, the mad and the writer are in a room to themselves.
At the end of her homepage she lets find ways to contact her thouston AOL Instant Messenger or she email address. Miss Houston also offers us a chance to get to know her better by her personal journal that she writes in from event to event. This shows that she is a friendly and open person willing to share her thoughts and her feelings.

Gosh, I really shouldn't have spazzed on this assignment. ^^; Ah well, that's what happens when I miss a class; I totally forget to do the work related to it.

Ooo! From a boy!
After spending some serious quality time trying to find out as much as I could about my fellow classmates, I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity and overall quality of the students in my class. I perused and browsed through the web pages looking for that one page that stood out, for that one person who was asking to be analyzed, scrutinized, and to be taken apart meticulously by the casual observer, and I found it. As I clicked the initial link to the page I did not know what to think. The anticipation was killing me as I had gotten kind of bored spending my time looking at page after page of pretty much the same superficial explanations of who these people were, not that they were bad, it was just a lot of the same thing. That was until I opened the page created by Samchan Houston. This page was very well done, and really showed me a side of this girl that no one was able to with the other pages to include my own page which certainly paled in comparison. In the many lines that she used to describe herself, she was able to show the reader that she was an intelligent, and creative person and it was very apparent from the onset that she had put a lot of time and effort into letting someone who would not have had any clue otherwise who she was with a entertaining and convincing style.
Upon my first opening the page I was shocked to think how much time Samchan had put in to making this page look as good as it did. Not only was it the most creative page that I had seen in the time I was looking at the lot, but it was clear that it was intelligently put together and very smartly composed. The first thing that stood out was the picture. It was a film-framed three picture set which was a nice touch to draw the reader in. The text was pushed and justified to the left hand side of the page, which to me indicates a sense of ingenuity and panache. The page wasn’t frilly in nature but in its simplicity it looked very artistically laid out. This not only pointed out to me once again that she had an imaginative eye but she was also creatively inventive. I had also clicked one of the links she provided at the bottom of the page to see if I could get a little more of her creative side and found I wasn’t disappointed. It appears that she is actually the purveyor of a web site that allows other artists and writers a place to sell their wares. This obviously proved once again that Samchan while being creative herself was also a person who would try to do what she could to get fellow inspired types noticed and seen, something in my opinion that points to a true understanding of the creative process.
I think, something that goes hand in hand with creativity is intelligence. There is no doubt in my mind that Samchan’s intelligence is not lacking in any stretch of the imagination. .Some of the phrases she used to describe herself such as the phrases “I write: in a pathetic art-school-dropout wanna-be-famous wench sort of way..” and “I will: shatter in a bright glory-filled fiery doom. Wait and see.” show me that she thinks on a much deeper level and has a firm grasp on reality, and not the type of reality that shallow, unaffected people live in. She points out in her writing, which is astute und unorthodox in character, that she is smarter and more brilliant than most of the drones that should be looking up to someone like Samchan. The two strategically placed quotes on her page also complement the fact that she is quite intelligent. The last quote in particular by Margaret Chittenden - "Many people hear voices when no one is there. Some of them are called mad, and are shut up in rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers, and they do pretty much the same thing." makes me think that Samchan has given a lot of thoustont about her own writing as she knows that this is something that certainly holds true. To me it would certainly be the mind of an intelligent person to conceptualize this quote, which Samchan seems to use to describe herself, but she also uses it effectively to get her point across. Samchan comes off as a very intelligent voice and I am sure that anyone would benefit by getting to know her better.
With this I close my brief synopsis of Samchan Houston. Althouston I could have gone on and on about whom I think Samchan is as a person by what she had given us to think about, it would have filled many more pages than my tired fingers and sore eyes would have allowed me to write. She has proven through her page that she is a bright and creative person with unlimited potential in both areas. Everyone has their flaws but it was positively difficult to find one based on the page she has presented us with. Samchan has an intellect that could prove dangerous someday but luckily she also possesses the creative edge to keep it at bay and turn it into wonderfully impressive works for anyone to enjoy. If you have not done so already I encourage you to really read what she has to say on her page, I am sure you will agree that this is someone that you will want to find out more about.

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