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Someone took me off their friends list, and I don't know who, and it bothers me. Not because they did - I'm fine with that - just that I have no idea who it was. I guess that's a good thing, tho' - if I can't identify them I probably won't miss them too much.

Boi was supposed to hang out with me after school today, but he's canceled. I probably won't see him again until Sunday, because of work and all. Oh well. It's the way it goes sometimes.

Oops. Hattori is majorly campaigning for the clothing essays we submitted last night to be relevant. Mine was out in the left field somewhere. I was babbling about crossdressing as a child and how this does not turn a boy gay, no matter what his parents think. Or something. I do not actually remember what I wrote, but I know it was very poor. I hate essays. I hadn't written one in over a year and I think I would've been quite satisfied to continue that streak.

I'm hungry. I just ate a big chunk of fish and I'm still ravenous.

I need to outline an article before Hattori's class. Meep. I think I'll just do it between Kae's class and his. I'm sure it'll be fine; outlines are easy. I could've done it in class, I think, but Hattori assigned us groups, which made it hard. I hate working in groups to write an outline - I mean, why? If everyone else in the group doesn't understand the assignment, I get marked down because they don't listen to me because I'm in the minority, and therefore wrong. Grrr.

Just kidding, I love my classmates. Totally. (Gee, I hella forgot that I linked to my livejournal from the class' website. Not that anyone is bloody likely to read this, but I better cover my bases to be sure. There's always an odd stalker or two...)

Hmmm, maybe I should call Boi and ask if he wants to come art-supply shoppng with me. I have to buy stuffs for Fashion Sketching, like a roll of tracing paper and some Pantone markers. Hmm. Technically I need to get a few more textbooks, too, but those can wait since they're recommended, not required. Money money money.

I go binge on ice cream now. Jaa.

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