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I was so happy today. Laura was back.
You see, she's been out of class for the last week because of strep throat, or the flu, or some malady. I don't ask for details - I doubt she wants to tell them any more than I particularly care to hear.

Anyway. It was great to see her again. I'm not the scapegoat anymore (to my great relief!) because Sarah has taken my place.

You have to understand, Sarah has these great feelings of inadequecy, and she feels she must measure up to imagined heights none of us see her as reaching. She thinks that she's got to have a boy in her life, always. I haven't decided yet whether it's because she's so desperately needy or because she has to show off to those of us who choose to go stag. I try not to think about it, just ignore her. Smile and nod if she talks to me.

It makes it truly difficult at JSA meetings. I love the club, but I'm only the Vice President. So I can't get her to listen to me, and because of her incompetence the club is slowly slipping into the trash. Not that she's noticed, and if she did I imagine I'd be the one who took the fall, not her.

That's okay. I'm biding my time, like the scorpion and the fox.

One day a fox met a scorpion on her way to the river. The scorpion asked the fox to take her across. The fox refused, saying that the scorpion would sting her before she made it across. The scorpion promised not to, pointing out that if she did she would die as well.
The fox began the crossing, the scorpion in tow. Halfway across, the scorpion stung the fox.

Someday she'll drown, a victim of her folly, even if I provide the sting. Not necessarily mine, but if it was it'd be extra nice.

As she sank, drowning, the fox asked the scorpion why she had stung her, as now they would both die. And the scorpion replied,

"It's in my nature."
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