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^_^ Fun day.

Found boi! He was hiding under a rock.
He went to his friend's house, fell asleep early, and ditched his phone in his car.
He was hiding from his obsessing crazy girlfriend.
That is exactly what happened.

Anyway, he came over today and we went out for lunch at a restaurant he likes. Harry's something - I forget the name. It was a German-style meat and more meat place, served cafeteria-style which seemed really weird at the time. Boi had a turkey and cream sauce over rice dish thing, and Samchan had a bowl of fruit. The people working there thought she was really weird.

Then boi went home to Santa Cruz and Samchan went to work. Work was hard. We are trying to finish all the walls so we have less work to do on Sunday, but so far it isn't working. Product is missing and everything was just scattered everywhere. New shipment was coming in too, and Anna (who is new) and Steven (who is not) just weren't working up to their potential. Arrrrgh. Christina and Erin both wanted to throttle someone. Poor me; they probably would've turned me into a corpse if I wasn't so damn likeable. ^_^

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