Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

If, in two years, I get into FIT, this will be my present to myself. A piece of genuine dollflesh.
Unfortunately, if I wait, it will be gone. So I am saving up my money like mad to get it now. But other things keep coming up, so I don't get any closer to owning it. It's made of velveteen so I don't know how warm it would be, either...but I want it. It's pretty.

Anyway, it is now definite that I am going to be a fashion major. Next semester I'm transferring fully to West Valley (abandoning my general Ed. at deAnza) so that I can concentrate on my future career. I'm so behind...the earliest point I could hope to transfer to an art school is Spring '06...but I probably wouldn't until Fall '06. That puts me at graduation in 2008 at the earliest...damn. I'll be 24 before I get out of school, and that's only if I'm on the accelerated fast track.
Unfortunately, FIT does require you to take General Ed. after all. What a pain. My record at DeAnza is horrible, because I drop/withdraw/do poorly every quarter. Guess I better look into California art schools...I swear, if they all require me to have math I will burst into tears. I HATE math so much. I guess I've got to talk to a counselor or something. *sigh* I wish I'd known this is what I wanted to do senior year, because then I would've applied straight out of high school, been rejected, and had the motivation to do a decent job at DeAnza.

Oh well. Maybe I'll just get my AA at West Valley and then transfer for a BA at FIT. That might actually be feasible.

Nick Rhodes.
Nick Rhodes

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