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Does it make me un-American if I don't like trick-or-treaters?

I feel like such a freakin' loser. :-p It's Halloween and I've nowhere to go, because I thought I'd be working at Bath & Body Works. Unfortunately for me, they decided not to have me work because we're so short on hours, sooooooooo nothing for Samchan but boredom. Technically, I could probably crash someone's party...Cynthia and Davy both invited me to theirs. Kero technically asked if I wanted to go to Cherise's, now that I think about it. Hmmm. I'm not really in a party mood, tho'. More of a snuggle-on-the-heater mood.

The first days of this week were very, very hot. I think the temperature broke previous records in a few areas. There are major fires down south - you've heard of them, right? They were getting pretty good national coverage. Pity those poor San Diegoans. San Diegans. San Diegoians. I'm glad UCSD wasn't touched, tho' - I admit I waas a li'l worried 'bout dear Kathy and Kostas. I kept thinking, "They both drink, so wouldn't that make them extra flammable? Eeeep!" Hee.

Now the weather's cooled off and it's quite frigid. I'm curled up in a Megatokyo blanket and sweats - the second part is amazing, because I think sportswear and casualwear are the downfall of fashionand take great lengths to avoid them. But I am cold, and my will is weak. Also, faux fur coats just aren't snuggly enough sometimes.

It's Halloween and I'm doing nothing. That bothers me a bit. Maybe later, when my brother comes home, I'll stir enough to get into something photogenic just so I don't have to feel bad about blowing the holiday off completely.
OK, I admit. I am just a LITTLE pissed off that a Yukari costume I had custom-made took over six months to complete (I ordered it in freakin' April) and the dumb wench didn't express ship it like I requested - SEVERAL TIMES - so that it'd be here on time. I told her in April that I wanted it for fuckin' hard was it to manage? I am sooo tempted to stiff her on payment. Hell, I might, depending on the quality of it when it arrives. We shall see.
But I am trying very hard not to be bitter.

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