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Dork Twin Powers, Activate!

I promised you pictures, so here you go. Last Wednesday, I met Devin (a girl in my Intro to Fashion class) at Valley Fair mall to work on a project for class. We're comparing different clothes from different stores, and seeing how stuff like fabric, decoration, fit, etc. influence the price. We ended up having fun. I had Sailor along, and it turned out that he knew Devin in high school, and they got along great, and it helped move everything along more smoothly because I don't know Devin very well.

Devin, of course, is the sexy blonde with the perfect body. Samchan is the brunette with legs to die for. :-p

Samchan in a buckled mini and autumn red sweater at Wet Seal, being a dork. Isn't she cute?

Side view of dorkdom.

Devin in a white sweater she ganked off a mannequin.

Booty shot!...I mean, detail on the skirt. Yes....that was it...

Devin leans against the mirror. I <3 stripes.

Samchan in Charlotte Russe's badly lit dressing room. Ooo! Boi ended up buying that hat for me because he thought I was so damn cute. ^_^

Pull that hair back!

I should've asked Devin if she's a Saggitarius...

Ooooooooooo! Lookit!

Cute skirt.

More skirt details, of course.

This was at Rampage – unfortunately, the management there didn't want us taking photos, so we took the pictures quickly and badly. This is the only one that turned out decently – I have to reshoot the others today, I think. They're blurry as hell.
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