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Too much, too much.

On Yahoo! earlier today:
kain: hi
greatgoddesslee: hey!
greatgoddesslee: how ya doin' dude?
kain: ok whatchya been up to?
greatgoddesslee: just boring stuff like work 'n' school
greatgoddesslee: i haven't locked myself out of my car again tho' ^_^ that's always a good thing
greatgoddesslee: and when i was goofing around at the mall last wednesday i took a photo of me in a short miniskirt and i thought my legs looked awesome, so that was cool
kain: lol
kain: hey, show it if you've got it
greatgoddesslee: sure (i wouldn't bring it up if i wasn't gonna)
kain: lol
greatgoddesslee: i'm in dork mode!
kain: i need to see this
greatgoddesslee: (and admit it, those super-white legs are HOT! ^_^)
kain: yeay they do look nice
kain: make sure chad sees this
kain: oops i closed window
greatgoddesslee: he was there - he took the picture
greatgoddesslee: it's for a fashion design project
kain: good shit

Good shit indeed.

When I found out Livejournal lets you have 50 userpics, I just nearly orgasmed because I was SO*DAMN*EXCITED. I also extended my account another six months (that baby is never gonna expire) while I was buying, so I have usercodes to burn if anybody wants 'em.

Tomorrow my intro to fashion class has a presentation, and I have to dress "professional." Darn it, I hate doing that. Maybe I'll be a camera ho first to make myself feel pictures comin' soon, see ya later babes and bois!

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