Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Abusing Craig.

There are some days when I just wanna play with the people on Craigslist so much!
Man seeking Woman #1
Poor guy; he's either looking for hookers and/or just plain desperate.
Man seeking Woman #2
I wanna have sex but my wife ain't interested.
Man seeking Woman #3
Anything that makes me think of work makes me sick, not just icing.
Man seeking Woman #4
Man, I'm sorry. I'm just...sorry.
Man seeking Woman #5
That's it, boy - go for the money.

Woman seeking Man #1
Woman seeking Man #2
Be my grandma!!!
I'm weird, but she sounds just a kick-ass grandmother.
I'll shut up now.
Woman seeking Man #3
Mental images = wrong.
Woman seeking Man #4
Damn, I pity "man-hunters."
Woman seeking Man #5
Weirdo closet lesbian.

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