Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


A girl my age plopped down next to me as I sat sipping pearl tea, flipping casually through a magazine featuring photos of people I'd never heard of. Her face was made up most carefully, and she was dressed in that trendy mock-mod style that's popular now; a miniskirt, opaque tights, and fitted turtleneck. "When I'm feeling down, I cry in the shower," she said as she thoughtfully chewed her fingernail, plastic and painted bright red. One of them - right ring finger - was pierced and had a little gold hoop in it. "That way I don't even feel the tears on my cheeks. If someone asks why my eyes are red, I can say that I got soap in them." As suddenly as she'd sat down on the stool beside me, she got up again and walked away, the beads in her dreadlocks clacking merrily with her high-heeled boots.

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