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Character Demands

I've got a dozen characters in a half dozen stories presently trampling around my skull, each one arguing over who gets to be recorded into the word processor first.
"Me!" one insists, "You've had me for nearly two years now and I've been in but two stories!"

"I haven't been in any at all!" cries another.

"Well, she canceled me, DAMMIT!" screams the eldest.

"You were boring! Cliche! Now, I am _original_!" squeaks the first.

It gives me a headache. I have too many stories that I can't concentrate on just one. Don't you hate how that works? Or does this only happen with me?

How the heck did the Brothers Grimm, Hans Anderson...what the heck, how does R.L. Stine manage?

Which story is best, and should be recorded first? The demented angel? The Final Drop of Blood? A Tear for You? Found in the Dark? Yroul? Takazura? Manastan?

And somehow, despite my rampant thoughts, I still sleep.
Tags: short story

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