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I will finish Christmas early!

My goal this year is to finish shopping for Christmas presents BEFORE THE HOLIDAY! This is pretty darn amazing, inasmuch as last year, I did 75% of my shopping post-25th, because I had no funds before. :-/ So far, I'm sticking to plan fairly well; I've got my co-workers, penpals, Kero, Daddy, Auntie Tanya, Auntie Fanny, and Cousin Sarah taken care of already. (Penpals won't get presents 'til after the date, just 'cuz shipping is costly. Sorry guys! That, and I owe many people letters and it'll take a while to write 'em all ^^;) After I get paid on Friday, I'll be able to take care of another huge batch of people, including Mom, Jason, Auntie Bonnnie/Uncle Jerry, and my assorted secret santas. I've got two birthday presents to buy that week, too.

In the weird way I get reminded of things, I owe Kitty some cash. I'll pay her back Saturday or Sunday.

Money babbling is boring. Let's talk about something else.


I swear, at Bath & Body Works I'm going to become known as the girl with the Palm guys. Mike, one of Seanie's co-workers, came by after work on Monday and we went for coffee at Starbucks. (I tried the peppermint mocha for the first time; it's as good as Kero claims. ^_^) It was fun, and Seanie's reaction the next day was priceless. ("What? When why huh date?") It could only have been made better if I'd gotten a facial expression, but I had to tell him on-line. Poop.
Seanie said after Mike met me the first time, he said I was "Cute but a bit bouncy." Hee.


Launch date for Samchan's webcomic, Savvy Effects, is Monday, January 5th, 2004. It will rock hard, and be pretty, but it is only funny because it's true.
I need someone to design the website for it. I have a drawing of what I want (because I am not capable of HTML, but I can show you want I want, kinda) I pay, naturally, because nothing cool is free. Dibs go to Pixel or Irk, since I told 'em both I'd hire 'em to make a pretty for me, but anyone can leave a note and let me know they're interested, in case either of those two has become financially secure and doesn't need my petty cash no mo'. :-p I also need to redesign the main page of Makaiju.Net, so if either of you has a preference towards one or the other, lemme know. Next entry I'll post details of what I want, but I'm warning you now.


I had my first milk bath yesterday and it was interesting. My skin feels very silky and firm today, and I'm pretty sure the milk did it, somehow. They say Cleopatra indulged in milk baths on a regular basis.

Right now I'm working through bath products from Wild Lilac Boutique (from which the milk bath came) and 5th Element. I'll be posting reviews/feedback/etc of the products later in the month...
I ought to review Bath & Body Works' shit, I use enough of it. Hmmm...might do that next entry, too.
Other shops that are on the table: Clean Habit Soaps (Love them), Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (Love them harder), Berrysweetstuff, The Body Shop, and LUSH. Oh, the places you'll go when you've got crappy skin, and constantly experiment with new products to make you oh-so-pretty.

I'm obsessed...but it's legal.

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