Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

No entries because...

I wanted to write about the fun I had with Seanie that one time we were trying out the different 'love sacs' at the mall. He's a suede sort of guy, but I still dig monster fur more, preferably pink. But the entry I wrote was eaten by livejournal.

I wanted to write about the Bath & Body Works staff party, which was really fun, and the cool presents people got me, and the weird board game we played. I love my pink jacket, Kitty and Jeannie. (Jeannie, you need a nickname.) ^_^ Jeannie practically told me she got it, but I'm blissfully oblivious and didn't realize anyway. Heh.

I wanted to write about the trip Sailor and I took to San Francisco, where I finally set foot into a real live LUSH store for the first time, and spent a criminal amount of money on myself and a secret santa. (Yes, Daidai, I did invest in an Avobath, but I haven't tried it yet.) I was very surprised by the fact that in-store shopping is more expensive than on-line. Go figure. We also went to some other stores, like Victoria's Secret, and Chinatown, but I never got around to writing about it because I'm lazy.

I wanted to write about Christmas, and write a smirking, glowing list of all the nice things I got. Of course the essentials were covered: pirates, lip service, and delicious cash. But I never gloat until I cover thank you cards, and I'm lagging on those. Irk.

I wanted to write about the fight Kitty had with Jeannie and I, but it's not something I care to dwell on, especially when it's more or less sorted out now. I'm back to best friends with Kitty, I'm doin' swell with Jeannie, and they're at least tolerating each other. Gotta work on them some more, I suppose.

I wanted to write about New Year's and the lack of mad-crazy party. At least I wasn't alone; I had my Jeannie bein' bored with me too.

But dammit, I've been sick and energy-less. It's so freakin' hard to write something interesting when your brain's out puking in a gutter somewhere. I didn't finish the ornaments I was making, my hand-made cards are still sitting in a pile, my letter stack hasn't diminished, and my secret santa's gift only just went out on the 31st.

Grrr to the world.
Tags: bath & body works, christmas, jeannie, kitty, new years

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