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Been thinkin' 'bout Litchi again.

I have never wanted to leave my house as badly as I do right now, when my car's in the shop getting tires rotated and I'm stuck at home. There's no reason for my desire to leave, really, except that I want to go out and be somewhere different. I've got a case of cabin fever, I guess.

Life's just been too mundane lately. Wake up, go to school, come home for a bit - but not long enough to do anything - go to work, and home again. It makes me feel old, to look down at my fingers with the scratches I can't account for and the worn knuckles; I feel aged to see these hands that do so little that I want but look like an old farmer's. I feel old and restless and I hunger for something exciting. But when potential excitement comes along, I'm just too tired and listless and worn through to do anything. What was it Bilbo Baggins said? Something about too little butter spread over too much bread? That's how I feel. Stretched. It's weird to feel this way, because I'm at a lull right now. I'm not trying to do more than my physical limitations.

What can one do in San Jose? I'm open to suggestions, please.
- shop at a mall (but oh, OH it's overdone.)
- go to a concert (I have tickets to Linkin Park, but it's a month away. David Bowie's too expensive. ;_;
- go to a play (I don't know what's being performed.)
- go to a movie (That's done to death.)
- visit the Winchester Mystery House (That's only fun at night.)
- visit the Art Museum (That takes what, an hour? Small museum.)
- visit the Egyptian Museum. (That would be fun, but no one wants to go with me.)
- go to Hakone Gardens or a similar place. (Not 'til spring.)
- go hiking (Doable, but I'm lazy and refuse to go alone. I refuse to do a lot of things alone. That's probably why I never do anything.)
- go bowling (I don't know why I don't do this.)
- go to a day spa and spoil myself rotten with facials and the like (again, refuse to do alone.)
- go out to eat (That only occupies a few hours.)
- go to church (I really ought to do more of that.)
- run away to San Francisco.

The last one sounds like the most entertaining situation, by far.
My fellow residents, help! What else is there to do?
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