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Jeannie is a bad influence on me.

First off, I must say I hate and despise Lip Service's new layout. It isn't done by style group anymore, and frankly it just blows. Ugh. What are they thinking, putting clothes into genres? Defining your clothing will only narrow your potential market! Arrrrgh...

Well, their new lines sucked anyway. No great loss if I can't find what I'm looking for anymore.

Yesterday I took my Mommy out to dinner at the Sushi Boat restaurant. Jeannie was there too, because we were shopping together, and Kendrick came with Mommy. Since the restaurant had just opened, they were having 'grand opening' sales and everything was affordable. We're talking $30 for two bento box entrees and eight or nine dishes off the sushi boats. It was sweet! So I figured I'd better pay for it the one time I could afford to do so. I think my ma 'most died of shock when I took the bill.

Jeannie and I had gone to Bath & Body Works and Express before meeting up with my mom. At Bath & Body Works I bought only a Creamy Coconut Smoothing Shower Scrub, that was all! Sale's over, so no more crazy mad-purchasing. :-p At Express I showed even more restraint and didn't buy anything!!! Go Suzi! Jeannie did, tho'. Well, there was a huge sale. It's allowed.

After dinner we did more shopping, and more spending. D'oh! At MINE (which is going out of business; it's kind of sad, you could always rely on them to have really cheap tank tops) I stocked up on tank tops, even though it's January and I won't want them for two or three months yet. They were $4-$6 each; I can't resist that. I also got a really awesome assymetrical black top with a muted lime (not electric WOO-HOO lime) stripe down one side and a lime-and-black braid on the shoulder. It really rocked, but the one with electric yellow (Naturally they sold out of my size in that!) was much cooler.

We went into Baker's as an afterthought; Jeannie had to visit her shoes. But they had shoes for ten dollars, and I ended up getting an ass-kickin' pair of black boots, that I had totally drooled over back when they were in style (in the fall. heee.) It rocks! My Sketchers bookts had approached their dying days and have been falling apart, the poor things. Now I can retire them and they can go to Boot Heaven. Oooo, and red fishnets. But I just sponged those off of Jeannie, who bought two things and got a third thing free. Whee! I love fishnets, and apparently Kitty is hoarding a pair that is mine somewhere. Hmmm...

Between the clothes, shoes, and dinner, I think I just eradicated my sixty-dollar paycheck. Ah well, at least I had a li'l cash in the bank to back it up. Jeannie spent way more than me and I don't think had as much to fall back on. Eeeek! We have got to do something about her spending. I think her wallet needs to put a restraining order on her.

I was up waaaaay too late last night, first cleaning up the bedroom at Kero's house (her dad's coming home for the weekend, so I'm kicked out), then taking to Kero's Sean, then talking on-line to Boi and Seanie (who owes me a Palm shirt, I don't care what he says) and soliciting opinions on Victoria's Secret swimwear. (I think the general consensus was that my stick figure can just hide under a towel. ;_;)

Today is my one year anniversary with Sailor. He promises fun and games the whole day. Wheee!

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