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One Year.

So Saturday (the 17th) was the one-year anniversary with the boi. A bloody year. Can anyone else believe it? I certainly can't; I find it rather frightening that I was with someone so long. But he's a doll and I adore him, so it's all good.

He came up from Santa Cruz around noon bearing presents. He got me a cute bear (he's so soft and fuzzily! And floppy! He's the softest, floppiest bear ever!) that I named Phoophie (funny story behind that!) and flowers. Pretty tiger lily flowers. He's never gotten me flowers, so it was awesome. They're pink-and-white and sitting in a chemist's flask, because I couldn't find a vase anywhere. I'm tempted to post photos, but I realize that bores so I'll spare you.

Having picked me up, Boi drove back to Santa Cruz. We wandered up and down a couple of streets downtown, looking for food, but ended up climbing back in the car and heading to Denny's. Boi'd been sick and hadn't eaten properly for a few days, and was saying how ravenous he was; silly thing, he only ate a normal amount of food despite his talk of how his sandwich wouldn't be big enough. His eyes are much bigger than his stomach!

Then we had a leisurely drive along the coastline. The ocean is so lovely - you know it, you've seen it (on TV or in photos, if not in person) and it was a fabulously clear day, which made it even prettier. Blue sky stretching out with sparkling blue water as far as the eye can see, with little dots of surfers and rocks and boats surfacing amongst the waves. We passed through downtown Capitola briefly, and contemplated stopping, but I knew if we got out I'd buy something, and I really don't have money to spare so on we went. After a brief stop at a particularly scenic view, we drove to Capitola Mall and got out to stretch our legs. Walk up the mall - not much to see. Walk back to the car. It's a very tiny mall, smaller than Oakridge was before the expansion, yet it services a whole county. That's kind of depressing. Eh. I guess they're happy.

We drove back to Santa Cruz and to the Boardwalk. It's so weird to see it open in the middle of the winter; but it's sunny out so why not? We went to the arcade and played a round of DDR (Man, I suck) and a round of 'the raving game,' which is like DDR but you play with your arms and hands instead of your feet (and I sucked even worse.) We thought about getting pictures taken in this weird 'gene machine' that blends the photo of you and the other person into your future child; but we got lazy and it was expensive ($5 for a little picture!) so we went back to the car and to dinner.

Dinner was at Ciao! Bella!!, which is my new favorite, fabulous restaurant. I think it's a remodeled house - looks like it from the outside. There's a little garden and a lot of random figures standing in the yard - the kid from Where the Wild Things Are?, different cartoon characters, just random, random junk. The inside rooms are a packrat's dreamland, and a neat freak's nightmare. Every inch of the ceiling was plastered in vinyl LPs, and the walls were covered in photos, stickers, newspaper clippings, album covers, stuffed toys, plastic collectibles, junk, junk, and more junk. It was so tiny inside, and all the madness on the walls made it bloody claustraphobic. But it was full to the brim with people; I saw several people come in and get turned away. (Ha! Reservations baby!)

Our table, when we finally got it (we were half an hour early) was in the corner, making it difficult to see the action. All the waitresses were wearing tight pants and tank tops, except for the hostess, who wore a denim mermaid-cut skirt. The owner of the joint (who is a fabulous, fabulous man) was strutting around in leather pants, black wifebeater, and black Uggs (which are horrible shoes, but somehow completed his outfit). He sang - probably lipsynced, actually - while we were waiting, and as we ate our bread & appetizers he danced on a mock stage with one of the waitresses. He was good, but he looked bored, like he was doing everything one time too many.

Drunken people would get up on that stage and dance when he wasn't up there and random songs were playing on the loudspeakers. It made me wish to never be drunk; it's far more fun to watch their antics then be the one who is the fool. Food was eh. It's Italian, but Olive Garden is better. The money you're payin' is for the show.

The owner danced again as we were going through our main courses, and was more energetic this time. This round, he even dropped his pants and gave everyone a good long gaze at his very nice ass. Guess the song wasn't one he'd danced to death yet, because he was on fire. After he was done we decided it was time to go, so we had our food boxed up and left. Boi tried to find the owner to thank him for a smashing evening, but he had disappeared amongst the cars in the parking lot. So he drove me home, and I went to straight to sleep. I am so not a night owl.

Laaaaaaaaaaa. Fun!

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