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Spring 2004 Couture - Versace

Oh Donatella; I still greatly miss your brother, but this collection is fabulous for you. I'm glad you've managed to develop some artistry; let's keep it, shall we? I must ask a question, tho' - what the hell are you makin' all the models look like you for? It's really kind of frightening....
That minor bit of annoyance aside, I think Donatella's finally starting to find her place. I think her pieces still lack originality - one dress was trying to capture Moulin Rouge, how old is that? - but she's beginning to recapture her brother's fabulous colors. She definitely needs to stick to evening wear - it's where her strengths lie.

First dress: I want that. I look hot in silver. Smashing.
2nd: The dress I find too Moulin Rouge. Ignoring that, isn't it pretty? Beads everywhere. Lip Service had a red/black collection that was very similar a few years ago.
3rd: Very boobi-ful. Beautiful, I meant. I like it. It's a little black dress, only poofy and wonderful. Yay.
4th: It makes me think Egyptian, but not tacky like Galliano's collection for Dior. You know, J-Lo's the sort of woman who'd go tramping down the red carpet in this. She should. That would be fun.
5th: That beadwork is exquisite. The colors are so vibrant! I'm in love.

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