Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Brain's on vacation

I just realized that I never sent my grandfather a thank you note for his Christmas present to me. I must do that tonight. I can't believe I forgot. >_<;;

I'm at home, and I just noticed that my bamboo plant's leaves are all brown. Poor guy; he must be really thirsty since I don't water him very often anymore. I'd take him to Kero's with me, but there's already been on bamboo death in that household and I don't think there's good luck for him there.

Whenever I'm home, I feel very, very lazy. When I'm at Kero's, I feel very, very bored because none of my stuff is there. I'm very indecisive and I don't get much done. Ugh. Jeannie, I think I want to borrow our Econ book. If I have it at Kero's, I will study for lack of better things to do.

I wish there was a way to directly deposit my paychecks to my credit card. That would be incredibly useful. I'm in a cycle right now where I pay off my credit card with my paycheck, use the credit card because my checking account is empty, and pay it off again. It's stupid, but it's inescapeable, because I'm getting too few hours at Bath & Body Works and too little money at the bakery. That Jose, that boss of mine - he cracks me up. He asked me how much I had in my savings account, and when I told him, he said I needed more money and he thought he'd give me more hours when I could work. Ha ha. If you're really so worried about my financial state, how about a raise? That would be infinitely more helpful, inasmuch as I don't have time or energy to work much more than I already do.

I have some packages to make up before I leave home tonight. Better go 'n' take care of that now, hey?

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