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concert concert concert!

This week my project was to clean out my closet, and I have done so. I now have two and a half boxes of clothes in new, nearly new, and good used condition that I want to try to sell before I give them to Goodwill. So Jeannie, don't let me forget to ask Isabel or another Express girl if I can borrow one of their plastic bodies. I'm sure they'll never miss it; they have piles of them sitting in their stock room. I also have a shitload of shitajiki that I'll be selling; can I interest any of you otaku in them?

On Monday night I went to See Linkin Park at the HP Pavilion. A gaggle of silly gooses went - me, Jeannie, Bandaid, Christian, Kitty, Tyler, and Lori. I think Richard - Lori's husband-to-be - was supposed to go, but for whatever reason decided to stay home instead. His loss! Into the fun we go!

Story of the Year. They're known for this whiny song that goes "Until the day I die I'll spill my heart for you" and they weren't very impressive. The lead singer was trying too hard to be a hardass rockin' punk, and kept spitting out the f-word inbetween every other sentence. He was a joke, and ruined his act with his inability to cease posing. The only song worth noting that they did was a cover of a Metallica song. (I didn't actually know it was a Metallica song, I just knew it had to be a cover because it was very different from the rest of their noise.)

Hoobastank (zjppnsdysml if your hands are on the wrong keys) was the next band, and they are really good live. Well, I may be biased, because I actually like them, but come on. The lead singer came across as intelligent when he spoke, and he is an entertainer. He wasn't trying to put out some image of tough punk like the previous band, but seemed to just want to make sure everyone had fun. I mean, they started their set with music from Three's Company, and near the end of the set he sang the first verse of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" in falsetto. They threw most of their hits in, too - "Crawling In The Dark" "Running Away" "Outta Control" "The Reason" and several others that I recognized, but don't know the name of.

P.O.D. Ok, I realize their sound is harder than what I usually like, but eh. I think I could almost sit and listen to them on a CD, but live it just doesn't work! The lead singer has those crazy dreadlocks, and he does this bizarre stomping thing when he sings (I realize a lot of rock dudes do that, but it's really distracting when he doe!) ane he looks like a crazed Neanderthal dancing around a campfire. They had this great light show going on the screen behind them, with pretty little green lights buzzing everywhere like fireflies, but I don't think I'm supposed to watch that. ^^; I couldn't wait for their set to be over, because Linkin Park was next, and they are much cooler than this caveman band. (I apologize to all you P.O.D. fans.)

Linkin Park. Yay! I was so ready for them when they finally showed up. I had killer cramps and I was getting sleepy, but it was still one of the best concerts I've been to. <3 Mike Shinoda sounds very different in person - his voice is a different pitch or something; he sounds much more Asian (does that make sense to anyone save me?) It wasn't in his accent, but something about the quality of his voice. Oh well. He actually reminded me of this co-worker of mine we call Intense-Mike, but anyway. He is a good performer and it was great watching him switch from guitar to piano and back and forth. Jeannie claims him fabulous, and while I'm not willing to go that far (Yoshiki is a billion times more fabulous, and he plays the piano, the guitar, and the bloody drums! Triple threat! No vocals, tho'. Oops. I'm talking about Linkin Park, not X.) Shinoda is pretty cool. Chester was inaudible; according to some teenyboppers sitting behind us he was recovering from laryngitis, so that was probably why. Too bad. I really like his voice! I paid $30 of a $41 ticket to hear his voice! Bah. I didn't pay much attention to anyone else, because in the end, only vocalists interest me. They stuck all their hits into their set, which was good. Hits are always good. The last song of their encore was pretty cool; they had the vocalists of the opening bands come out and they all sang together. It was a great way to close out the night.

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