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Whoa. My ears just popped and everything is really, really loud. The refrigerator is roaring very loudly. All I did was yawn and suddenly pop! all I can hear is that damn refrigerator. Beats the hell out of listening to the blood rushing through my ears, I guess.

So on Saturday I got up the courage to issue an ultimatum (proper word?) at the bakery. I told Jose the Baker that if I got the spa job, I'd be gone in two weeks. Otherwise, I was going to leave at the end of March, so he'd better start collecting applications. End of story.
Saying that felt great, even if it is stupid. If I don't get the spa job (and since I haven't heard back from them I think it's a possibility -_-;) and don't find something else by the end of March, I'll have nothing to live off of. Eeek. I can't afford that. On the other hand, the bakery is turning me into a bitter, angry person, and it affects other aspects of my life. There's no way to pretend that's good. I've become very cranky and mean during the past year, and I attribute a lot of that to the bakery. Dealing with upset customers is very stressful, and I think we'll only get more of them in the future, so I want out now.
Besides, Jose the Decorator (also the 'nice' Jose) is leaving in two weeks, and Jose the Baker will be the full-boss instead of the half-boss. I don't want to work for him anymore. He has crazy mood swings and refuses to give me a raise; I think the other Jose would be willing to discuss it but this one just won't. Without the balance of the decorator, the baker will be free to run things as he pleases. I don't want to be there for that.

It's March! Based on the weather I'd say it came in like a lamb.

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