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I'm a bit whiny.

I'm a bit stressed. Aleks (the manager at the spa I really want to work at) still hasn't called/written me back. He was supposed to on Friday, but then something came up, so he said 'by Tuesday.' I don't want to be a pest, but if I don't hear from him tomorrow I'll call. I can't stand sitting around and not knowing! I don't care if he tells me, "Sorry, we don't want you." I just want the what-ifs and maybes to go away. But he's probably quite busy, as they're looking to hire several different positions.

I'm a bit excited. On Sunday I get to meet Auntie P, one of the major players at LUSH U.K. She writes all the copy for the catalogs, which means she gets to try bloody every product. She's fabulously entertaining on paper; I'm curious to see what she's like in person. I covet her job. It would be wonderful to be paid to try products all day long, and write about them. Anyway, she's in San Francisco for a few days and there's a brunch at Union Square that I'll be going to with some other body product-obsessed ladies. It will be interesting, especially since I've got to come back to San Jose to work in the evening. I'm trying to visit my grandmother as well that day, but I don't know how well that'll work out. I hope it will. I don't see her much.

I'm a bit sad. I thought I'd spend more time with Sailor today than I did. We haven't spent much time together recently, and I thought I'd be seeing him this evening, but now I won't.
I'm a bit annoyed. He had to stay in Felton and do laundry for the fifty-billionth night, and play taxi for his co-workers. He is far too nice to them.
I'm a bit snotty, and don't much care for mountain hicks, even if I've never met them.

I'm a bit tired, but too jazzed up on a mocha frappachino to sleep.

I'm just a bit eh tonight.

On the other hand, tonight's Top Model episode rocked. Next week promises to bring a smile to my face as well. I currently think April will win. I think I currently want her to win, too. Go Mutt!

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