Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I am a decadent person.

I'm sitting here at 6:15 am eating cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (which I can't actually afford, but wanted very badly yesterday so I got it anyway) and feeling slightly guilty because I can eat this stuff without worrying about what it'll do to my body, and not everyone has that luxury. But mostly I feel smug, because I have Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. Yum.

On Wednesday Sailor and I decided to go to Santa Cruz. After slapping on sunscreen we drove down 17 to Felton, his hick town. We went into his house so he could find his swimsuit, and I nearly died. (By the way, he doesn't want me talking about this for some reason. Weirdo.) His room was filthy! I mean, I love him, but throw away your candy wrappers and old soda bottles! (And please don't leave half-filled cans of Mountain Dew: Code Red under your bed! It isn't the girlfriend's fault if she kicks it over because she doesn't know it's there!) So while he was running around getting stuff, I went hella domestic on his ass and threw just about every product in his bathroom (he had empty shampoo bottles lining the bottom of shower, and the shower was moldy! Eeeew! His sunscreen had expired in 1999!) and sent him marching upstairs with endless piles of dirty dishes. I also tried to isolate all his dirty clothes, but that was very difficult. On the other hand, he never takes his change out of his pockets, so there was coins all over the floor. If I found 'em, it went straight to my pocket. I ended up with over $5 in pennies. ^_^

Having rid him of all his product, we went to K-Mart and he bought himself new stuff, including stuff he normally doesn't use, like lotion and astringent. (Ha ha! I am the queen of skincare.) We almost bought Dove shampoo, because Jeannie recommended it and has similar hair-type to Sailor, but we ended up with Garnier Fructus because it was on sale. We also were trying to find guy's flipflops, and no one had any. We went to three different drug stores (it's a small town - I don't even know if they have shoe stores!) and finally located them at Long's Drugs. We also went into Safeway and converted my change collection into bills.

Finally free to go to the beach, as our original plan had been, we went to Natural Bridges state beach and pulled up just as the sun was setting. We walked out to the beach and watched the sun set while eating Bacon Cheese Wedges from Jack in the Box, but after ten minutes the sun was mostly gone and the Samchan was VERY cold. So we drove back to his work on very twisty roads, which was scary as hell for me because his car is not a sports car, and I get terrified if I'm not in a sports car and there are sharp turns to be made. Earlier in the day Sailor had nearly side-swiped another car, so I did not have the strongest faith in his driving, and I was positive we were going to fly over the edge of the road at any minute. In front of his work a biker swerved in front of us and we very nearly hit him, and I was fully traumatized and freaked out and couldn't handle getting out of the car. So while he went inside to get the pizza, I huddled in a ball and refused to move. More twisty roads followed on the way home, and despite a pretty view of Santa Clara Valley lit up at night I was a jumpy little mouse by the time I got home.

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