Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The doctor prescribed tar for scalp treatment of psoriasis, but that proved very ineffective. I've got to schedule another dermatologist appointment, but the bitch nurse at Kaiser won't let me unless I go through my other doctor first. It's a follow-up on a prescription from a dermatologist, so shouldn't I be able to go directly to them? Whatever.

While I was mucking around yesterday with base oils I was also looking up treatments, and it looks like my next attempt should be with a zinc product. I wonder if I can get that without a prescription? I wonder why tar doesn't work on me. Kendrick and Dad both seemed to have no problem with it.

TOTALLY switching gears...

Yesterday we went to David's Bridal to look at bridesmaids dresses for Kitty's wedding. It makes me a bit antsy to look at them now, when the wedding won't be for three years and color trends/styles will be completely different. In fashion cycles, color is determined 4-8 years in advance by dyers and fabric manufacturers...the colors we're seeing now were probably chosen back in the '90s! I haven't seen any forecasts for the 2006-2008 timeframe, but it will be different than it is now. Of course you can work around that, but it can still complicate things. *shrug* I'm overthinking, I'm sure.
The mauve two-toned skirt & top that Kitty had initially selected for us to see today was from the fall season and mostly sold out. So we browsed around and ended up selecting a medium rose pink that will hopefully be around in a few years. I'm not sure...from the way Kitty was talking, she seemed to be thinking we'd be buying the dresses sooner rather than later. Hope not. I certainly can't afford a fancy dress anytime soon.

Cynthia, one of my co-workers, was having a dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen for a celebrating her birthday. (It was last week, but we could't make it to that party, so we had a mini-party.) Food was great, but after eating I felt so drained. We went to the bowling alley and ended up playing three games. Well, everyone else did - I lost focus and energy and didn't even properly finish the first game I played. Kitty thinks it's my diet, and she's probably right, so later today I've got to set up a diet and then go buy the food for it. (There's no food in Kero's house, and I haven't had the money to go to market, so we've been eating out a lot. Irk. Fix that today.) Since I'm not overly fond of red meat, I think I'll need a lot of eggs for protein. Luckily, love eggs. Diet's probably the exact problem, when I think about it. I slept a good 6-8 hours (interrupted sleep, but it totalled 8) and I still feel woozy. I haven't felt sharp and alert in months. Blaaaaaaaaaaah...
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