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Yucky smelly bois.

I am very cranky right now, and it's Sailor's fault. We were talking on the phone earlier today. Well, he was talking about his computer that he was trying to fix because the sound card doesn't work with these new parts he bought a few days ago (or something) so I'm not quite sure why we were on the phone anyway, because it's not like I care about his computer and know the difference between this part and that part and that bit and that byte.

Anyway, so he's edgy because he can't get the sound to work properly and I'm irritable because I'm bored. And I'm sleepy. Damn, but I'm tired. So I close my eyes and he keeps talking about motherboards and fatherboards and babyRAMs and blahblahblah and gee, this couch is mighty comfortable and the lack of sun makes the room semi-dark. I yawn.

But I yawn too loudly, he whines. Excuse me. A few minutes later, I yawn again and he YELLS at me for it. That's ridiculous! It's not something I really do on purpose, it just sort've happens, and by the time I realize I'm doin' it I'm done and can't really undo it. Stinkyhead. I said something cranky and hung up on him.

That was about an hour and a half ago. He has instant messaged me, text messaged my phone, and called my phone several times. I know he's sorry, but I still ticked off and bitchy. He's going to have to squirm and suffer a little more first. I am not a nice person and I want him to hurt a little before I call him back.

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