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I'm free of the bakery! I am done with it! I may be poor evermore, but life is good.

Jose, true to the way he's always treated me, said absolutely nothing. No "Thank you for your service this past year and a half," no "Good luck!" and not even a "Good-bye." He just left. Thanks a lot, bud.
Now that I no longer work there, I have to do a little venting, because working for Jose has been horrible. He's perpetually in a bad mood, and doesn't talk to me unless he needs me to clarify a cake order. He basically told me to stay out of the back when I started working, then when Kirsten started working and helping out in back he complained that I never did that. He paid for Kirsten to take a cake decorating class with him, and never offered myself or Bobbie the opportunity. (I can understand not offering it to me, since I was leaving, but inasmuch as Bobbie still works there AND he expects her to help with decorating he should have offered her!) He keeps a photo of teenagers that was for a cake order hanging by the decorater's table - I find that really creepy. I mean, he doesn't know the girls and I doubt they'd like to know some old Mexican has their photo hanging on the wall. He's made several inappropriate comments about women. Most annoying, he totally plays favorites. He's re-hired Yolanda twice, despite firing her, because she's Mexican too. He lent Cynthia large sums of money and increased her hours when she needed it, whereas he cut mine when I needed money for school. I suspect Cynthia stole from the register, but he still kept her around for months while trying to set her up with a friend of his. Right now Kirsten's the favorite. There have been a few customer complaints about her, and some of the cake orders she's taken have been wrong. When Bobbie tells him about the problems (because she has to deal with them, not him) he just gives her a blank stare and doesn't listen. When he has a problem with something I've done, he doesn't speak to me about it. Instead, he tells Bobbie to tell me. This is after I've been in the store, working there for the past three hours, and I won't be seeing Bobbie until the next day and he's been sitting there the whole time. He's a horrible businessman and a disaster of a boss.
Done ranting now.

Bobbie did come back and gave me a hug and we had a long chat after I closed the store. She's fed up with Jose too, and will probably start looking for a new job too. When I complain about him to my friends, everyone would always say, "He's not so bad." It's nice that Bobbie at least understands my problems with him, and why I left.

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