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Well, I didn't get the job at Glamourize Me. I figured I wouldn't; when I went in for my interview Serena (the owner) told me two other girls had second interviews that week. I knew then that I had applied too late to get the job. Darn. However, Serena said if one of the girls didn't work out I'm the first they'd call. So let's hope one of them turns out to be a spaz or a crappy seller or something. ^^; I hate to wish ill on people, but I rather wanted that job!

In the mean time, I've been invited to audition for Dizon Model & Talent in San Francisco, but I don't think I can make it. :-/ It's tomorrow, and I don't think I can find someone willing to drive me there (I don't trust my car in the city) PLUS get my portfolio together PLUS run around to get last minute details together. I mean, it isn't as if I don't have an agency. Affinity Model & Talent isn't exactly swell, because it's national and doesn't work closely with its talent, but at least it's something. Meh. Am I just lazy? (Yes.)

Right now I'm de-cluttering. I cleaned out my purses, shoes, and hats today. Yay! I pruned a ton of crap out...I might post a few photos later of the bad fashions I hate to admit I owned. At least I'll always have the excuse of "It was a Christmas/Birthday present! I had to keep it until the giver forgot they gave it to me!" Laaa...

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