Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I went to the dermatologist today. The doctor took one look at my back and said, "Oh! I'd better prescribe you some things ASAP!" I ended up with five different medications and an $80 bill. I am now expected to slather tar and all sorts of steriod junk on the scars. There's an oil for my scalp that I have to put on before I sleep...hello greasyhead. Ugh. The topicals are all greasy and disgusting; I half expect to wake up with breakouts across my face. If the appearance alone don't get you, the stench of this stuff will. I refuse to use it when company's around, bad skin or no.

Shock of shocks, stress is bad for me. Who would have possibly thought that to be even a slightest possibility? Sunlight is supposed to help my skin, so if I ignore the cancer risks that would be just great.


I am soooooo the epitome of unsexy.

Sneak a sexy so I'll feel better.

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