Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


I'm curious, since I've only had facials at one place, is this a normal procedure?

Pure Bliss Day Spa Style
1. Steam is blown on face for a couple minutes, opening up the pores.
2. Facial cleanser applied and massaged in. Steam is still blasting, and continues to blast for a few minutes after cleanser is removed.
3. First mask. Still got the steam going to keep the pores open. Lasts several minutes, long enough to get an arm and shoulder/neck massage. (Side note, Seanie, I don't freak out when my aesthetician touches my neck. Weird!)
4. Mask removed, steam turned off. Extrapolations begin. Many minutes of cringing and wincing. Man, I'm a wimp. I've got lots of blackheads, too. Yuck.
5. Face massage. :) Yay.
6. Second mask. While mask is on face, also recieve another neck/shoulder massage and a scalp massage. Love scalp massages, and don't get many of 'em. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Unlike the first mask, this one dries. La la la. Left on pretty long time.
7. Second mask removed. Two moisturizers put on face.
8. Give the lady a tip and get your butt on outta there, 'cuz your appointment ran late. Oops!

For my birthday, just send me to the spa for a day. I love it there.

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