Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

How to smell like royalty

Obsession of the week: Finding a signature fragrance for the summer

My favorite fragrance is Lady Macbeth by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Unfortunately, the red currant and the bordeaux wine, as well as whatever else is in that brew, make it a thick, heavy scent that clashes with the summer completely. I need something lighter, perhaps a little fruitier. I've been using body splashes (loving Coty's Morning Glory and Victoria Secret's Sweet Talk!) but they don't last all day. So I've been browsing A LOT of fragrance stores lately, and I'm developing a secondary fixation. Perfume bottles. I rather want to collect them, because the idea of a boudoir laden with fancy bottles is just too tail-twitchin' cool.

Speaking of perfume, I cleaned out my Dragonfly Blue perfume oils this morning. Half of the scents have been thrown up on Makeup Alley...maybe some poor soul will pity them and want them and trade me Imp's Ears (Black Phoenix's sample vials) for them. That would be fab, because I simply must smell heavenly this summer as I strut around in shorts and skimpy tops.

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