Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Ten Random Things

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYFRIEND! Today he turned 21 and that was great. I wrote him a smooshy birthday letter ('21 Things I Love About You In No Particular Order') and gave him a messenger bag to carry all his stuff in, japanese snack foods, and a dorky letter-opener samurai sword. It was cool. :-p

2. I'm broke. BROKE BROKE BROKE. Don't let me spend anymore money.

valkylee (7:28:27 PM): how do you manage to save money belly?
SeraRete (7:34:46 PM): Because I budget myself to a $100 of disposable income each month, and if I blow that, then I've blown that. I won't spend anymore on frivialous stuff till the next month.
Also, after I've deposited money in my savings account, I pretend as though my savings account doesn't exist. I only spend/extract from my checking.
Alsoalso, I never spend what I haven't guesstimated I will financially make-up for within the spance of two weeks.
valkylee (7:36:08 PM): o_o
valkylee (7:36:26 PM): i can't do that. ;_; i'm dead meat! POOR dead meat!
SeraRete (7:38:22 PM): Just look at something and think, "Do I seriously, really, really need this? Is is something I can't live without?" Me, I don't buy something if it falls out my memory after a three-month waiting period. If I forgot it so soon, I must not have really needed it.
SeraRete (7:38:38 PM): I am boring and pragmatic. ;_;
valkylee (7:38:51 PM): If I wait three months for the cute little bikini that makes my legs look long, swimsuit season will be over ;_;
valkylee (7:39:02 PM): *bows to pragmatic*
valkylee (7:39:40 PM): The sale will be over if I wait, too.
SeraRete (7:39:45 PM): But, how many cute little bikinis do you have already that do the exact same thing?
valkylee (7:40:10 PM): ...three. But this one has stripes! And pirate skulls!
valkylee (7:44:10 PM): Belly, you should be a money manager and run all my bank accounts.
valkylee (7:44:24 PM): When my fashion house goes public, you will be in charge of the finances.
SeraRete (7:46:00 PM): If it's something I'm dead-certain I'll never find again, like a temporary sale or something a thrift shop, then I sometimes do cave and get it.
However, if I already had three bikini's that cast the same leggy affect, I wouldn't get another just because it has a new textile-print, especially if it's a textile print that is only a temporary fad, like pirate skulls. The type of thing I'll probably won't be able to wear next summer and perpetually wonder" WTF did I buy that anyway?" about. ;p
SeraRete (7:46:11 PM): I accept this position. ^.^

3. Yesterday Sailor bought me a very cool pair of pants with much shiny hardware. They're black with red and silver accents galore. I shall photograph them for you soon, because they are crazy-cool.

4. Yesterday Jeannie bought me a watch. Claire's had watches ringing in at a penny each, so Jeannie bought them all. It was great. :D Now I have a watch, so I suppose I have no excuse for ever being late again.

5. B Never's website has finally opened. Jeannie, do you remember which B Never fragrance I liked? Was it 2 Hearts, or Keep it Fluffy, or is it just a complete blur? This bottle truely ought to be mine. It's gorgeous.

6. It's very difficult to resist the urge to go on a crazy BPAL perfume-buying rampage when I know Elizabeth's going to raise the prices in May.

7. Knee-length bell skirts look like SHIT on me. It makes my legs look spindly and does nothing to enhance my upper half. Shame on bell skirts. SHAME.

8. I registered for summer and fall classes today. Hooray! Hooray!

9. There isn't a nine. Made you look.

10. My teeth are kinda sore. Now that I think about it, I don't know when my next dentist appointment is. I ought to do something about that.

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