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Today I am actually pleased with my job. I have fun working at Bath & Body Works when I'm not on the floor, because in the stock room I'm unsupervised 99% of the time and I'm good at what I do. I majorly cleaned up some junk sections in there today - antibacterial, DBR, pure simplicity, botanical nutrients, and skin therapy. I work twice more this week, so I could probably get the whole stock room organized if left to my own devices as I have been.

We did a full-store replenishment tonight. I'm worried that Raul's half - Aromatherapy through Anti-Bac, didn't get done very thoroughly. I think he only pulled from understock, not from the stock room. I don't know how else he could've breezed through it so fast when the aromatherapy section of the stock room is a disaster. Grr. I guess that's just more work I'll have to take care of on Friday night. That's OK; I like being busy. The sales floor was mopped and I swept out the stockroom. We were out of there by midnight, so I think Julee was satisfied.

Now my feet and back are sore. Bleah. Not enough lifting with my knees, I guess. Oh well. Two more work days this week. Hopefully, I'll end with twenty hours - I've got ten-and-a-half halfway through the week.

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