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I can see!

So I'm allowed to wear contacts again. Wheeee. I was off them for a week (which stretched into two because I missed my appointment) but now I'm allowed to wear them again. Hooray. I also dropped one, and it shriveled up into a disgusting plastic chip that was not about to be put into my eye ever again, even after it had reabsorbed water and looked like normal. But they gave me a new contact today, and ordered a six month supply, and I'll go back when that arrives and cough up huge sums of money. :( SUCKS. But I'll get over it. :-p

Speaking of SUCKing, Bath & Body Works secretly steals my planner at night and finds out when I make appointments, so it can schedule me to work those times. I've got to reschedule my dermatology appointment on Friday because I've got to do a prop pitch, and my facial appointment must be moved for a second time because once again I'm scheduled to work. At least they noticed that I requested Memorial Day weekend off. I think I'd have to kill someone if they tried to schedule me then, since I requested it off in January.

Yesterday Sailor and I were all happy-coupley and did disgusting old-married-couple things like buy groceries and black socks and boxers. Not funny boxers with hearts or smiley faces either, just plain-boring-standard-underwear. Oh well. We also bought about fifty tons of hershey's kisses. There are so many flavors now - it was sugar overload! Caramel! Toffee! Double Fudge! Strawberry and Cream! Dark Chocolate! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
And, because he promised, Sailor bought me beer. Then he bought those apple Smirnoff twists. Yes, we are enjoying the fact that he turned 21, thank you. :D

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