Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Pinch Me

I needed to be pinched today. Several dozen times.
We'd returned to school today, the day after New Year. What was the administration thinking? Half the student body was drunk or stoned or just plain "unavailable," while the other half had passed out in puddles of drool from exhaustion.

Naturally, we learned next to nothing. The teachers weren't all that awake, either. The only one who seemed to be happy to be back was the Chemist, but only then because...well, she's very peppy. Let's leave it at that.

My lack of popularity was proven several times today, what with the fact that someone who is in all but one of my classes still hasn't realized and the fact that I can't finish a story in English without being interrupted. (Well, technically no one can, but anyway...)

But I got over it.

Still,'s like a dream that you try to remember and it's gone, so you try to scream and it only comes out as a yawn because you've tried to see the world beyond your front door.

I paraphrased that a smidge. I think I'll use that as my February song.
Tags: branham

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