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Happy Birthday to Me!

So I'm 20 now. So I'm 19, Round Two now.
Yesterday was my birthday and all in all it was pretty awesome. I slept in relatively late (since I never get to sleep in) and when I woke up Sailor had arrived with a bouquet of lilies. ^_^ Kero had also left my birthday present hanging on my doorknob, and she got me Urban Decay's Cocoa Dusting Powder. I love it when people stick to the list! :) It doesn't taste like Cocoa to me, but it's definitely sweet.

After cleaning up I went to lunch with my family + boyfriend at Todai. Todai is a Japanese buffet restaurant where you eat for free on your birthday, and since I don't eat enough to justify paying the price of a buffet meal, it's a good place to go on my birthday. :) Almost everything was fabulously delicious, but the fried rice smelled like the food pellets you feed goats at Happy Hollow. I couldn't eat it. :( Before lunch Sailor had gone with me and bought my birthday present of Doll by Mitsukazu Mihara. I love this guy; he has a very unique, unmistakable signature style in his drawings and I admire that. After lunch I went with mom into sears and she bought me a sweet li'l sewing machine. WOOHOO FOR FABULOUS BIRTHDAY PRESENTS. That sucker was heavy, hauling him out to the car and all, but man oh man. I have a brand new li'l sewing machine. Life is beautiful, even if I have to clean my room now so that I have somewhere to put it.

I took my brother home and dropped Sailor off at his car so he could high-tail it to work. Since I was at Kero's house, I crawled upstairs and napped for a hour. (I was really tired today for some reason. Go figure!) Jeannie texted me to wish me a happy birthday. After I finished up with everything at Kero's I went back home, where my brother 'officially' gave me a notebook I'd picked out at a bookstore earlier this month. It's got a painting of a smug woman smoking and says 'maybe I want to look cheap' and now I have to think of something fabulous to write about in it. I might use it to keep designs in or something. It's just fabulous and I needed it. He and I watched the Batman Beyond movie (I'm still sad that show was canceled after only two seasons, by the way!) and it's okay. The fight scenes are drawn out too much but the plot has interesting twists. I love the Joker. Daddy had a funny card for me, and he said he'd take me out to dinner later this week. I need to think of a good place to go. :)

Jeannie called and we arranged to go out to dinner. I called Kitty to see if she wanted to come along, and not only was she not interested but she did not even remember it was my birthday! That hurts a bit, since we've only known each other for eight years now and there's only been a sign hanging on the chat board at work ALL WEEK. But whatever. I'm not that bitter, really. So she had to stay home with Tyler and I figured Bandaid was with Christian, so I didn't want to bother her. So it was just me, Jeannie, Emily and Jack at Olive Garden. (Jack is Emily's boyfriend. He's funny and reminds me a bit of Tyler.) Our server was a spaz and couldn't remember anything; I REALLY hope he was new. He was friendly and fun tho' so no one minded his mistakes a bit. At the end of the meal he brought out a little cake and everybody sang, which is always embarrassing but mandatory at birthday dinners. Emily knew one of the servers so at the end of the meal he dropped by to chat for a minute. Turns out he doesn't like our co-worker Lori either. He made a funny face when we mentioned her. I feel somewhat bad for her, since she doesn't have many friends at Bath & Body Works so I had hoped she got along better with the Olive Garden crowd. I guess not!

Jeannie came home with me and we hung out a while, just talking and all that. It was a fun day, a great birthday. (I think Jeannie's spending all her new money feeding me because she took me out to eat four times this week. Eek!) And this morning I logged onto LUSH's forum and there was a birthday thread for me, which was cute. Hee. Happy Birthday to me.

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