Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Ten Random Things

1. I really had fun working at Valley Fair last night. Meghan ran the almanac, and I was reminded how much I miss working with her. I think she is my Shannon...the manager that I like best and miss now that she's no longer working at the store. A lot of people didn't like her, just like I don't like Shannon, but no one argues that she is a good, efficient manager.
I want to be transferred to Valley Fair's stock team. Their stock room is huge and NICE. Our stock room at Oakridge can fit in their Home Fragrance section. I wonder if it would be possible to transfer, or work at both locations simultaneously...I think I'll ask Roseanne or Julee about that next time I see 'em.

2. Bandaid is such a sweetie and I love her. She called yesterday to apologize for forgetting about my birthday, which she totally didn't need to do. I haven't seen her with any frequency lately...I think twice in the past six months. So she hasn't been around me enough to be reminded. She's also got so much on her mind right now with school and her parents moving to New Mexico and Christian and everything else. She was so apologetic on the phone and I even teared up a bit because she's just so sweet. I will have to see her this weekend, for sure!

3. On the other hand, I'm rather curious to see if/when Kitty will say anything about my birthday. Half of me expects her to half-ass it, with a flippant "Yeah, I've been so busy lately that I just forgot, so happy late birthday!" She might even work a 'sorry' in there, but I dunno. The other half of me fully expects her to never mention it. When Kitty hangs out with James/Allan/Phoung/Tram for extended periods of time, we usually don't communicate. I'm not sure why...probably our friendship gets regulated to the bottom of her to-do list. But it's a quirk in the friendship that I'm used to.

4. Enough about birthdays. I mean, it's already the 24th, so it's soooo two days ago. My mom's birthday is on the 31st. I totally don't know what to get her. She doesn't use body products so that's a waste of money; I don't know enough about instruments to get her anything for her other great love, guitars. She reviews bluegrass cds for a newsletter so she doesn't need new music. I think I'll end up wimping out and getting her a gift certificate.

5. The nice thing about being in a hotel this weekend is that there will be a bathtub and I won't have to clean it. Scrubbing essential oils and glitter/flower petals off of porcelain is a bitch., so I'm totally bringing my messiest bath melts, the ones full of glitter and flowery bits, and I'm taking a bath every day. The maid will hate me, but I will be HAPPY.

6. I will be in a hotel this weekend because of FANIME. Anyone else goin'? If anyone wants to split a room for a night or two, Sailor's looking to ditch me for his friends at least once and maybe twice, but won't if I'd be alone. Since I'm sure we'll kill each other if we're stuck with each other for 96 hours straight, I want him to be able to go out with his amigos.

7. Daddy gave me money for my birthday. (Yeah, we're back to birthdays. I'm a boring person, and it's the only interesting event of the week.) $400 worth of money. That will cover fall tuition nicely. I'm glad I don't have to worry about that anymore - I wasn't sure where I'd get the money for that.

8. I work tomorrow. Yay! Work is good. 11-2, I believe.

9. My brother's weird. He's talking about straight-bashing. He wants to go lynch some heteros and put 'em in their place, because they're just too damn uppity. Silly brother. He needs to make up his mind as to whether he likes boys or girls.

10. I like the scent of Snowcake.

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