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At this exact moment in time I am wanting to cut my hair to an inch below the shoulders. I am feeling very impulsive, probably because it's that time of month and all my hormones are out of whack.

Maybe it's some sort of weird manifestation of my desire to remain a child, because that's about the length my hair was when my mom moderated my haircuts. (see user avatar for example.) i know better than to go for bangs tho'. After fighting throughout childhood for the right to grow my hair, I've had the ability to make it as long as I want for nearly a decade and maybe it's time to retire the long locks.

Nevertheless, I am wanting to cut my hair, and if someone were here to egg me on I'm 99.9% sure I'd do it. However, I am alone and most likely by the time someone's home the urge to do this will pass.

But right now, I really want to just grab a pair of scissors nad SNIP SNIP SNIP a couple of feet off of my hair.

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