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It's my Mommy's birthday today!
Hooray hooray!
No, I don't know how old she is. We do not ask that of the Mommy. Anyway, Daddy took the family out to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate.

Mommy is happy and my brother is overly excited. Mommy frowned at him later for making faces at the camera.

My boyfriend and I lookin' so tired. Fanime was a long weekend, and my face had a bad psoraisis flare-up on Saturday and I haven't fully recovered from that.

Mommy and Daddy looking cute. I love my family. :)

Mommy's toasting or something. Kendrick would be shocked at how natural his smile looks when we catch him off-guard.

I'm not stealing fries. Never. (Personal favorite photo after the one of my parents.)

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