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As we know (if we've been keeping up with The Samantha Daily Life Reports or this diary) there is this delightful young girl named Sarah who is the President of the club I'm in. I'm rather annoyed with her today, because she is doing something that, frankly, she isn't supposed to. This email, delightfully provided by my dear friend Laura, explains it all:

Hey Samantha,

Oh my goodness! Sarah called me just a few minutes ago and wanted to know how many members we have in the club. I'm thinking that if she's the President, then she should know. I told her we have more than 20 members and she was like ok. The she told me that she had talked to Scott on the phone yesterday for like 3 hours and they talked about politics and such. She said she started planning with Scott to have a Mock Trial. She said she's planning with him, 'cause he is the only one that is colloborating with her. I"m like ok. She said that shes planning roles for people to pick out of hats...and that shes planning on having it next week. I was like whatever. So, I guess we're not really apart of the least she's not including us... what hell is that shit? She is so stupid. She's not planning anything with us and Ms. B is not gonna like it... cause she's doing it without anyone's consent. I would have called you, but I'm looseing my voice... get back to me on what you think. Talk to you later.


I was angry. No, I was furious. Livid. It's bad enough that she sneaks her boyfriend onto campus when we should've had a meeting so she can pretend to ask him about Bellarine and its JSA chapter (but instead he's just bringing her lunch.) But to be planning a Mock Trial, which is a major event, without even consulting the other officers...I will tell Ms. B and I hope that Ms. B will roast her butt. No...I won't tell Ms. B. I'll deal with this myself.

Sarah's made the scorpion unsheath its fatal sting.

She'd better hope she's got a strong resistance to the vengence of the White Woman. For no mere, pathetic wretch of a peasant ignores the descendant of the great Charlemange. The Dragon Lady is beside herself with rage. Some stupid half-wit dares defy the blood of an Emperor?

No one messes with the Angel of Death.
Tags: branham, drama

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