Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

FYI: I'm too lazy to do a lj-cut for one freakin' sentence, so there is a HARRY POTTER SPOILER in the first paragraph there.

So I saw the third Harry Potter the other day, but I've been too lazy to say much about it. I'm pissed that they left out the Mooney/Prongs/Padfoot/Wormtail plot thread, and rather disappointed we didn't get an extended view of Diagon Alley, but whatever. It's an OK movie, but if you haven't read the book you're going to be soooooo freakin' confused.

Anywho. On to more important things...elimination of Oliver Wood is not cool. He was really cute. He needed to be in that movie. Luckily, those twins playing the George and Fred are turning out REALLY CUTE. They are reminding me of Plushenko, which is fabulous, because the only thing better than one blond figure skater are redheaded twins. Don't know why they remind me of Plushenko, but whatever.


I actually work this week. I think I ended up with 25 hours or so. Fabulous. If I can keep from spending the money on sale merchandise, life will be good.

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