Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Pessimism + fat love handles = rambling & whining

Jeannie made the excellent point last night (and earlier this week, too) that I'm unbearably pessimistic about people (and other things, too) and really oughtn't be so tired as I am (because everyone else sleeps so much less than I do and they have more stamina.) Plus I've been unbearably whiny lately (my own conclusion) and rather BLEAH all around. I'll blame a portion of that on insecurities that have surfaced about my place in life recently and the rest on excess of something. I've been trying to think what that excess may be, and I'm starting to think people. So next week (my last week before summer school starts) I think I will not see people outside of work (unavoidable), Kero (I live with her), family (see Kero), and Sailor (already have a date for Sunday night.) I will also look into some sort of yoga and pilates class, because I think a part of my lethargy is due to lack of exercise. Yoga is slow paced and sounds fabulous to me. Oh, and vitamins. I keep saying I'm going to stock my life full of them and I think I'll have the money to do so next week.

Bleah. I had six hours of sleep last night and I'm still exhausted. I can feel how puffy my eyes are. Yucky...

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