Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Many stupid things

When I can't sleep, I play on the 'Net, buy things, or read. Tonight I invested in reading frothy novels like Sex In the City and angels by marion keyes. Frothy is indeed the word for these things. Frivilous too. I now have a serious hankering for something a bit more difficult...the last four or five books I've read have left me with little satisfaction. (Although The Devil Wears Prada felt very wicked, like a chocolate truffle, and made me laugh. It was the best of the lot.)

Right now I'm fighting the urge to buy things, because if I can contain myself I will be able to pay off my Wells Fargo card by the end of June Sale. So I absolutely can't spend money on unnecessary things. I am going to do this, because I have to prove to myself that I can.

The slowness of Kero's computer is driving me nuts. It's a pain to read forums when the connection is so slow. :-/ It's managed to reach the point where I only read forums when I'm on my home computer, and since that happens less frequently when I'm working this much I'm several days behind on email/shipping/etc.

My feet hurt. Eight hours of solid work today, no break. I opted to leave an hour early and worked straight through. I can be really stupid sometimes.

Tomorrow I work four to close. Hopefully Raul will be around, because I need to switch my times around for next Saturday. It's frustrating - I changed my time at work this morning and Julee said I can't do that anymore. It sucks, because there's only one other person on the stock team, and nine times out of ten he can't sub for me because he's already working that day. If I have something else to do, I have no choice but to reschedule my shift if possible. After all, I'm on the stock team. It really doesn't seem to make much difference what time I'm at the store! I'm hiding in back all day cutting up boxes. -_-; But whatever...

Next week's schedule, at a glance:
Sunday: free morning, afternoon, early evening
Monday: free all day, but probably with Sailor part of the day
Tuesday: booked
Wednesday: free afternoon, evening (but will try to get more hours out of BBW if I can)
Thursday: free all day
Friday: free evening
Saturday: free evening

It's not nearly as stuffed as last week. :) Yay!

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