Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

When I was shaving my legs earlier tonight I couldn't help but notice the near-dozen of bruises scattered all over them. I'm really a klutz in the stockroom, since I've managed to acquire every single one of these lovelies in under a week. There's nothing like little brown and purple mottled marks to make you feel like a princess!

Tomorrow I have to go buy thread. Can you believe it? I set up my lovely new sewing machine and turn to the first page of the user's manual, where it says 'HOW TO THREAD THE MACHINE.' And what do you know? I have no thread! How ridiculous can you get? So I will purchase that tomorrow and hopefully be able to get my machine functioning properly.

I had a lovely dream last night/this morning and I was with many friends and Rob Thomas was there, and there was a concert, and there was love all around but I'm not quite sure who it involved. The details have faded but it was a fabulous way to wake.

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