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She think's she's so pretty, but really she's just cheap.

I am majorly wanting to get some more eyeliners in bright happy colors, but I am also VERY broke and can't spend money on frivolous things, least of all cosmetics. I feel like a broken record. All my diary entries seem to go along the lines of

"I want this.
I can't buy this.
Whine Bitch Moan."

I'm tedious and dull, and I start summer classes next week. Nothing better than getting up at the crack of dawn so my vain self can put face on before schmucking off to class. The new intensive care face is a pain in the ass, man, but in less than a month of applying concealer and foundation I've discovered I can no longer comfortably go out into the world unless I'm painted up. When my skin I've taken the care to make my skin an even tone it becomes too plain, so then OF COURSE I must do the eyes or the lips [brightly], and if I make one part colorful than I must put even the face by applying color [subdued] to whichever surface isn't already painted. This adds an extra half an hour to forty-five minutes to my hour of shower/dressing/hair styling. Add fifteen minutes for breakfast and half an hour for commute, and I have to wake up two and a half hours early before school. Vanity is so tedious! No wonder it's a sin. School starts promptly at 10 so I will have my butt out from the blankets at 7:30 every morning. No more late nights for me, because I have yet to gain the ability to function properly without eight hours of sleep.

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