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Stepford Wives & Lingerie

Last night I went to the mall with my brother and cousin Sarah. We saw The Stepford Wives which was a good summer flick. Nothing too serious or mind-blowing, but it was entertaining and had the right doses of suspense and humor. After the movie, we checked out Victoria's Secret's Semi-Annual Sale. I picked up some Warm Embrace Eau de Toilette Spray (and I'm finding that the coconut note so prevalent in the body cream is far more muted in the spray :( ), a black and pink bra, and a girly little slip. I've always wanted one of those lacy, frilly silk slips and now I've got one. Hooray! I also picked up two retractable lip brushes. Christine has one and I've secretly been wanting one for several weeks; I was very giddy to find them for only a few dollars. I've been working hard these past few weeks; I deserve lingerie! Besides, it was all on sale and that makes everything OK! ^_^

Y'know that Portrait Illustrator thing? I made one of me. Bloody everyone's got one and I finally joined in. :-p I'm a dork, what can I say?

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