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Two Random Harry Potter Things

I've been re-reading the last three books this week, and two random things have been bouncing around in my brain.

1. Why are all of the Hogwarts teachers single? No husband/wife/lover is mentioned for any of them (except Hagrid & Mme. Maxime) but you would think that out of such a group of intelligent, powerful wizards there'd be at least one with a romantic life! Am I the only one who thinks it is rather bizarre?

2. The school uniforms in the first two movies, and the street clothes in the third movie, bug me just a bit. Wizards are always described as wearing robes, and I always fancied the robe to basically be a long-sleeved dress with a hole in the top for your head. Y'know, your typical Merlin kinda thing. (I just googled 'wizard' to find an image, I have no idea where that Wizard's from.) In the fourth book it makes it very clear that adult Wizards have no idea how to dress like a Muggle, and all sorts of fashion mishaps occur as a result. Ron & other students from all-Wizard family also have very little knowledge about the Muggle world. Am I the only one who thinks it very weird that Hogwarts would have cute li'l school uniforms, just like Muggle children? The kids were running all over the place in trendy jeans and t-shirts during the third movie. If the kids are that aware of fashion, then why wouldn't the parents (who probably buy the kids their clothes) also be aware?

Just wonderin'...

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