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Ooooooo! Worst day EVER!

Livejournal just ate three of my notes, grrrr. Probably ate more for all I know. -_-; But that is not why this is the worst day ever. Do not read the following if you are disgusted by MENSTRATION or GROSS GIRLY THINGS like that.

So I'm on the second day of my period. Big deal, I'm twenty and I've had plenty of them by now so I know how to handle. Shove in a tampon, stick a liner pad in the underwear for runaway leakage, and continue life as normal. Not so hard! So I wear my fun pirate undies and my absolute favorite pair of Levis with the perfect fit and the wonderful wash as proof that bleeding is not the end of the world. I even managed to do something cool with my eye's watermelon colors today.

Off to class. Class is boring as hell. Dum dee dum's weird because I can feel myself bleeding, and that's not normal. Class finally ends and when I stand up HOLY SHIT. There is blood all over my jeans. Not just a little blood, we are talking we-could-drown-a-small-town in all this disgusting red mess. DESPITE the tampon and DESPITE the pad. IT'S ONLY BEEN FOUR HOURS. I have NEVER bled so much in such a short period of time.

So I run to the bathroom, totally wigging out, and try to undo the damage, but let's face it, you can't do a thing with toilet paper and paper towels. So I've gotta go home, walking awkwardly to my car carrying my books behind my butt in a lame attempt to hide the stain. FLY HOME. TOTALLY SPEEDING.


I get home and throw lovely stained Levi's in the wash after soaking in that stain stuff. Now I'm sulking and wondering if I need to go on the pill after all.

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