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Bon Jovi & The Vampire Lestat

I love the song It’s My Life by Bon Jovi. It’s rather odd. It reminds me of the vampires in Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire series. Specifically, Lestat.
If you haven’t read the book, Lestat is the vampire who sets everything rolling. He’s the antagonist of Interview with a Vampire and the writer of the other two books I’ve read. (The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned.) I love him. He’s truly fascinating. But anyway…he wanted to be a rock star. No, he wanted to be the rock star. And I can just imagine Lestat, his blond hair flying as he stands on the stage in tight leather pants and belts out, “It’s My Life.” It’s even Lestat’s voice. It’s perfect.
In the movie, based on the first book, Lestat was played by Tom Cruise. (Delightful.) He played him devilishly well, although I must confess that since I have not seen the movie in years, my opinion may have changed, since I hadn’t read the book at the time. I’m currently searching for Tale of the Body Snatcher, which is the fourth book in the series. I tell you, it’s far more addictive than Harry Potter.
It’s rather funny, actually. That one of my favorite books would be about vampires. For someone who loves life like I do, I am obsessed with immortality. In fact, my current project is a story about two immortal beings, Odile and Odette. One is a vampire, the other a girl who foolishly ate mermaid’s flesh. (These are the two favorite methods of immortality that I have found. I use mermaid’s flesh a LOT.) I haven’t decided the details yet, like who is good and what they’ve been doing and how long they’ve been alive. I’m not sure whether my vampires will reflect Anne Rice’s or if they’ll have my own flair. I’ll figure it out as I write.
If you have any suggestions, I’d love to ignore them. Drop by.
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