Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

...merely a trifle...

Right now I am feeling a trifle annoyed because Sean is parked in my parking spot. Again. He's been told multiple times before that I use the back now, so he shouldn't have. Just because I'm usually not home when he's over does not mean I have stopped using the space. (I have been staying away because of school, and because I've needed to house sit, and because I like to give him and Kero privacy. But I usually come by during the day while Kero's at work so that I can get my medicine and anything else I might need, like homework or research.) But his truck is in the space now, and he's thrown his back out so he can't use it, so it's been there for a few days. When I came home today from work the street was completely filled with cars so I have nowhere to park but the visitors' parking, which you are not supposed to use overnight unless you have a permit, and I don't. If his car was out on the street like it is supposed to be than there would be no problem, because the street is rarely full and he could have gotten parking easy. Then it would not have mattered that his back is bad because IT WOULD NOT HAVE INCONVENIENCED ANYONE ELSE. But it did, and I am less than pleased about that.

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